The 4th Self-supply task force meeting in IRC-WASH…!!!

Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) recognizes self-supply as one of the technological options that contribute towards universal coverage for water supply and sanitation. This has been well reflected in the OWNP II (2019-2024) and the direction provided by the ministry to make the Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (EWTI) as a hub for self-supply promotion.

Director General of Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (EWTI) Mr. Tamene Hailu and Self-supply task force (SSTF) in Ethiopia representatives discussed on strengthening overall bilateral relations regarding to self-supply promotion on January 17, 2020 at IRC-WASH head office found in Addis Ababa.

During the 4th task force meeting the following agendas were presenting for the audiences: -

• Agenda 1: Update on agreed action items from the previous SSTF Meeting
1. Input on draft assessment tool
2. Input for Self-supply policy statement
• Agenda 2: Presentation on Pervious Lesson on Self-supply work by Mr. Lemessa from IRC-WASH
• Agenda 3; Approval of the ToR and Annual Work plan by EWTI by (Mr. Tamene)
• Agenda 4; Next Action Steps

Self-supply task force members were discussing the above issues one by one and take their own tasks related to Water supply and sanitation. The SSTF members share various tasks to be done until the coming March, 2020 throughout the country relating to self-supply for the benefits of the society.

The discussion was mainly focused on fostering bilateral cooperation in SELF-SUPPLY Schemes; need to create good opportunities and expanding the SMART-technologies which give various advantages for rural farmers.

Finally the chairperson of the meeting Mr. Tamene Hailu concluding by stressing,” We will accelerate our efforts to build a stronger institutional foundation and must done our assignment accordingly to develop into a comprehensive strategic partnership on self-supply.”

Self-Supply investment is regarded as an effective strategy towards achieving ‘equity’ because of its low-cost technologies and approach to investment in affordable steps.

Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (PRCD-13-5-12 E.C)