Corporate Communication Directorate

Corporate Communication Directorate

Objective of the Directorate

Providing current and reliable information to stakeholders and the public about major activities undertaking in Ethiopian Water Technology Institute using internal and external communication tools in the organization and throughout the country.

Main Responsibilities and Key Tasks

  • Act as a spokesperson/information focal point of the Institute to disseminate accurate and timely information using various information mediums including print materials, information desk, resource center, mass media and website.
  • Working for establishing healthful relationship among the Institute, Government Communication Affairs Office, Ombudsman, public and private Medias.
  • Preparing and coordinating press conferences and discussion forums on the policies, strategies, rules and regulations of the Institute.
  • Planning, facilitate and implemented field visits to popularize the Institute activities undertaken by core processes and projects in the Institute from higher government officials, journalists and the public at large.
  • Producing TV and Radio programs about the Institute to publicize and creating national consensus.
  • Providing Audio-Visual (Video/Photo) documentation service to various meetings, workshops, Seminars, events and so on arranging by the Institute. 
  • Playing a regulatory role with the director general and other concerned bodies when unexpected happening occurs in the Institute.

Contact Person

           Wasihun Alemayehu
           Director; Corporate Communication Directorate
          Tel. Office- +251- 11 4 70 90 35,  Mobile +251- 989 00 43 67
          P.O.Box: 27676/1000